Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"W" has Landed

Adolph Hitler

What comes to mind when you hear that name? Holocaust? Genocide? War Crimes?
How about the man who brought Germany's Standard of living and production to new levels even after the country was defeated in WW1?

Now I know Hitler was a war criminal. That said Let me ask you this;
What comes to mind when you hear George W. Bush?

For me I hear War Criminal pop up again. I hear the companies he took from prosperity to bankruptcy, I hear.... many mispronounced words and questions as to the competency of him and his speech writers. (nice part about "W" and why He should NOT do a speaking tour http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KW2jSLuHlz4&feature=channel_page )

Back to the point here.

Tuesday the 17th of March, Bush was in town for a "Luncheon" speech. Now I get it, we're Canada, we're supposed to be the nice kid on the international playground. In all honesty I have no problem with international cooperation but this is horse shit! We decided to host a man (at $400 a person for 1500 people!) who engaged in two wars of aggression, the second over false information and pretenses. A man who not only allowed but encouraged the use of a prison and torture camp. A man who allowed mortgage backed securities to cripple an economy, and then gave bonuses to those who were in charge of the companies offering MBS's.

This told me only one thing, you can break all the international laws and people will still fork money over to you for more bad policy.

This man IS a war criminal and we paid him for it, not tried him for it. How people let this happen I don't know but it certainly doesn't enforce any beliefs that justice does exist when it comes to profit.

There it is. It's been said too many times that the war on Iraq was solely to get to the oil reserves. There's been little evidence to the contrary yet, but he did it, sort of.
Even with that "sort of" tagging on there Georges' avoidance of the hangman's' noose was assured. After all, he was only living up to what the Truman Doctrine laid out.

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